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I came to Heidi a few years ago for specific help with certain issues that were causing me some profound problems. I’ve been to a few therapists before, but Heidi was the only one that I feel like I made real and lasting progress with. I ended up with tools, skills, and the strength to

Husband, Telecom Technician, Meditator, Self-taught Seamster March 23, 2015

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Thank you for giving me the ability to have these words – LIVE, BREATHE, PREVAIL, FIND ONESELF – and so many more in my life again.

Butch Queer March 23, 2015

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You have given me the gift of seeing that this is a world of possibility and that I can, and will, heal to move on to a beautiful life, free of guilt and shame.

Survivor of Severe Childhood Trauma March 23, 2015

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You helped me through one of the hardest times. I feel like I have a concerned advocate in my corner.

53-year-old Man March 23, 2015

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Almost immediately Heidi gained my trust. Knowledge and skill are essential to any professional, but useless on their own. In addition to these, Heidi possesses the invaluable quality of listening.

47-year-old Breast Cancer Survivor March 23, 2015

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Heidi, I know that it is your job to help people, but I also know that for you, this is not just a job. You do this work because you truly care about people!

52-year-old Partner in a Lesbian Couple March 23, 2015

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What a different experience. My wife was not happy with this idea of a female couples’ counselor, but not once did we ever feel like you were biased in any way. In fact, you had a way of always involving each of us in helping you understand the other person’s perspective that I now see

Midlife Happy Husband March 23, 2015

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Heidi~thank you so much for the ways you have supported, challenged, affirmed, and encouraged me throughout our time of working together. You helped me release and take responsibility. You helped me understand I will live in a world full of the emotion I created that world out of, You walked with me through all of

Mid-twenties woman from family affected by addiction who survived pre-nuptial anxiety March 23, 2015

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