About Me

About Me

My Philosophy About Therapy

I see you, the client, to be the expert on your life. My role is to hear you in an active and non-judgmental way: bringing deep empathy and a sense of curiosity to our work together. As trust builds, we begin processing struggles, disappointments, and loss which often leads to fresh perspectives and clarity about personal strengths. I am direct in a gentle and authentic way, and value your time. I operate from a broad base of theories and offer a variety of tools and ways of working to suit each Client’s needs. What I know from experience is that no matter how deep or frustrating the pain, relief and well being are within reach.

I began my career managing the Therapists of, and working with, at risk children in Jefferson County schools while co-developing and presenting Sensitivity Trainings for the San Mateo County Youth Services. I also served as one of the county’s Disaster Relief Mental Health First Responders. My early education was in Ethnic and Women’s Studies at SFSU and I received my MA in Psychoanalytic Psychology at New College of San Francisco while interning at Leaonard L Flynn Elementary School and the New College Counseling Center with adults and couples.

My own history with using movement, meditation, and nature to address mental health issues both in my own life and in my first business, Retrofit Fitness, has heavily influenced my post graduate education in Somatic Psychology such as Hakomi, MBRC, TRE, and EcoTherapy as well as Somatic Experiencing. More recent education has focused on the work of Pia Melody, Esther Perel, and I’m currently becoming RLT Certified with Terry Real and Relational Life Therapy.

My community service history includes San Quentin Penitentiary harm reduction groups, Planned Parenthood escort, and Lyon-Market health services volunteer.