I offer access to Therapy sessions in a few ways using a variety of theories and modalities.

We can meet in my office, remotely by phone or video platform, and outdoors (Ecotherapy) which combines the benefits of walking and nature with talk Therapy. In sessions, I use traditional Psychoanalytic theories from a more Relational lens, as well as Somatic methods and Mindfulness practices. This eclectic style has worked best for me in a Client Centered approach. This is Collaborative Therapy which is supportive, non-judgmental, and you are always the expert on your life. So if there is a style or modality that has worked well for you in the past please ask me about it.

I see a variety of people with an array of lived experiences and attempt to acknowledge and create space for your multiple identities and experiences around socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, ability, size, culture, immigration experience, alternative cultures, sexuality, gender, age, politics, and other identity expressions which show up initially and throughout the process of our work together.

Some of my areas of special focus are:

*Relationships-deepening intimacy, navigating differing privilege in partners, addressing hard decisions and conflict in healthy and sustainable ways. Getting to the bottom of “communication issues” by discovering and exploring barriers leading to increased trust and closeness.

*Trauma in all its forms including intergenerational, PTSD & C-PTSD

*Outsider experience- people who grew up in situations where they were separated from their mainstream cultures and communities as a part of belief systems that left them feeling isolated and unintegrated into larger society.

*Self Consideration Deficiency- response when self awareness, knowledge, and development may not have received appropriate early life modeling and support.

*Life Transitions-“in between places”, worthiness in exploration, vulnerability and staying resourced, finding stability in “not knowing”

*Highly Sensitive People

Please Contact Me If
*you are curious about whether my services might be right
for you or
*you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Heidi F. Yoder, MFT