Family & Friends

I work with the (chosen) families and friends of people with chronic and ongoing physical and mental challenges.

People we are close to and in community with often face difficulties, that create painful and complex conflicts. These are hard to resolve in part because there are seemingly not any good solutions. These challenges can include instances of emerging cognitive decline, invisible disability, substance issues, and mental health crises.

I offer support, skills for coping and understanding, boundary techniques, and management of guilt and shame. We can also create goals and strategies for maintaining relationships in healthy and sustainable ways.

I can often suggest resources such as books, podcasts, and groups that may be helpful. There may also be times when further referrals are necessary which I give whenever possible.

Please Contact Me If
*you are curious about whether my services might be right for you or
*you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Heidi F. Yoder, MFT