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Initially, I build a trusting relationship with you based on authenticity and genuine caring. I actively listen on several levels using a Somatic lens, giving you validation, acknowledgement, and perspective. We practice returning to a place of calm to cultivate an environment conducive to choice and understanding. For deeper work I find Attachment and Object Relations to be rich and helpful theories. I psycho-educate when appropriate, and continue to check in to make sure what we are doing feels right.

~ Somatic Psychology is a holistic form of therapy that respects and utilizes the powerful connection between body, mind and spirit. Mental health is not just purely about the mind or our thoughts, but is also deeply rooted in our bodies and our spirits. Somatic Psychology includes many different techniques that can be utilized depending on the specific needs of each client. This includes Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies which are a strong foundation of my practice.

Attachment Theory ~ http://psychology.about.com/od/loveandattraction/ss/attachmentstyle.htm

Object Relations ~ http://www.objectrelations.org/orkey.htm