Relationships go through challenges and transitions that put their unique strengths and resources to the test. Disagreements arise around intimacy, friends/family, time, money, and commitment. It can start to feel as though every conversation has become risky just when communication is most needed. Sometimes there can be a big choice to make or a betrayal to work through that feels overwhelming when talking about day to day life is hard.

I help partners address dysfunctional patterns while exploring where behaviors originated and their meaning. This cultivates mutual compassion and offers a framework for practicing more cherishing options. Communication skills and standards plus a process of repair are introduced and practiced in a supportive environment. Relationship rituals are often discussed and developed to cultivate trust. Although epiphanies happen, the focus is on creating lasting change. I work most often with Gottman, Perel, Relational Life Therapy, and Somatic modalities, and if you have questions about the theories I use, please feel free to ask.

I support and advocate for love in all its forms. Relationships of all expressions are welcome here.

I also work with members of chosen families, “best friends”, business partners, and others who have found the need to work through some difficult transitions, enhance communication skills, deepen compassion, or mourn loss together.

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Heidi F. Yoder, MFT